Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Smoking!! I wanna be a quitter.

I have realized that I don't mind being a quitter once in a while.. and smoking is the biggest thing I wanna quit. So... What I am asking of you is for ideas.

Here's my problem. Hubby is also a smoker, which makes me quitting really hard, and frankly I don't think he should have the right to spank me for smoking when he buys me cigarettes, and drags me outside, for cigarettes. ((And he doesn't want any of my friends (who is also in to spanking) to do it)) So. Your mission should you choose to accept, is to come up with ideas for me to be disciplined for smoking without spankings from hubby.

Any questions??

Good.. now .. get to brainstorming :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I got a spanking !!!

Okay, I realize I shouldn't brag about this, because it was a discipline spanking, but.. I GOT A SPANKING!!!!..

I got home from work 2 hours late, because I went to the casino. I had permission to go, but I didn't have permission to spend as much as I did. I had a $5.00 limit, and I spent $20.00. My husband wasn't happy to say the least. He said "I have tried everything I can think of OTHER then spanking you.. we'll try it your way." I was over his lap quicker then I could even imagine. He lectured and spanked for quite a while (With the CB paddle) Then toward the end he asked me what my limit had been set at, (I was in tears by this point) I answered "5" then he asked how much I had spent "20" then he asked what the difference was. "15 dollars" I sobbed. Then he said "count with me" and delivered 15 more. I don't really know if I was feeling more guilty then shocked, or what, but I was bawling. Afterwards I sat on his lap and he held me until I quit crying, and calmed down.

He had originally told me that he was going to get food at McDonald's and I was to stand in the corner, and there would be more when he got home. But he settled for me putting away the groceries, and I'm grounded from gambling. Until at least Tuesday.

So the lesson here is...

Don't go gambling without your husband there (or at all) unless you leave all the money you have (Except your limit) at home.

Side note, totally unrelated to anything: I have posted twice in one month, I feel like I have something to say now :):):)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spankings, spankings, who wants a spanking??

Okay Okay Okay, I know all of my loyal fans have missed me (I love you guys), but life with a new baby keeps be busy busy busy. (Okay, she's not so "new" anymore, but she sure is busy)

That last two spankings I got were virtual (meaning not "real" in a sense of physical contact) They were both for the same thing, but from two seperate people. They were both online and by people I have known and loved for a while. One from a really close girl friend of mine Amanda and an old friend of mine from High School who we always called G. They both were rather short, but when you are online, (at least IMHO) it's the thought that counts. The infraction however is very serious, and I'm hoping my husband will come around to this point very soon before one of us or the baby gets really sick. I have been sick with Asthma related bronchitis for the past week or so, and still smoking. (Not to mention not eating, *covors mouth* I didn't say that outloud did I *innocent grin*) I wish I could find someway of convincing my husband that I want and need him to help me with these things.. just the sheer thought of knowing that I dissappointed him is devistating to me, but he never lets on that he is dissappointed, or that anything is wrong. It's not so much that I want him to spank me for stupid little things, but more the health risks, the gambling issues.. ya know??

So, that's about the extent of my spankings for the past... since I posted last.. except for the few times I would spank myself when my husband wasn't home. He doesn't know about it, and I am not sure if he wants to.. hmm..

Anyway.. gotta head out I am going to be in trouble (Well, probably not, but ya know) I was supposed to be in bed 2 hours ago..

Whatcha think? I deserve a spanking??

Monday, September 26, 2005

Stress Tention, and you guessed it... No spankings.

So I am wondering if my husband was sincere in his offer to at least try this dd thing. It has been over two years since I first brought it up to him, and every spanking I have gotten with the exception of 2 were initiated by me. Either that or they ended in sex. In our house you would need a double edged sword to cut through the tention. It's that thick. ... So why is it so hard for him to realize that all I want him to do is take charge. Its not that hard (At least I don't think) Make Rules, enforce them. If a rule is broken, over the knee, bare behind and a good LONG spanking. No, yelling, no screaming, just lectures, and spanking.

He says the reason he doesn't take charge is because I have a death grip on control and he "can't" (for the record there is a difference between cant and won't.) get ahold of it enough to take it. From my point of view he won't even try. He's afraid of taking control... or probably too lazy. I am not sure.

Most tops/doms would read this post and blister me silly for disrespecting them. Him, he probably won't even read it. He isn't interested in anything I do. NOTHING. So, I have decided to give up on my quest for spankings, give up my time on spanking websites, and give up my blog (much to the dismay of my loyal fans.. I love you guys) It doesn't seem that I am doing myself any favors by fantasizing about this stuff. It only makes it worse.

Anyway guys, I want to thank you for all of your support and love..

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A new baby, A new job and lack of spanking

Well I can't necessarily say that my daughter is a "new baby" anymore, because she's 5 months old. I can however say he is cute as a button. Work is going.... well... worklike. I just got done pulling 6 graveyard shifts in a row thursday morning and I am still recovering from that. Work and baby are pretty much the reason why I haven't been posting on my blog for a long time. I have been really busy trying to keep up with family, friends, and work. Plus spend a little much needed time with my husband.

As the title says there have been no spankings.. for quite a while. Just a few prissy swats here and there.. although the den is helping to keep me in line.. so they are making up for it :P

I still haven't written my essays for HeadTeddy yet, which were due like, 2 months ago... :( oops :D maybe no one will read this and no one will notice.. whatcha think???

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A new job, no spankings, and asthma

So I started a new job last friday. It's going great!!! I love it, and I have already made 77 in tips.. I would have made double that, but since I was training with someone we split the tips. I work in a casino now.

As for no spankings, my husband and I both just got new jobs. He started working in the same building as me, although he works in the convenient store.

As for asthma, I ended up in the emergency clinic yesterday with a peak flow (Air intake) of 65, with 350 being a normal level. 200-350 is low, but still safe and anything below 200 is dangerous. So they gave me two nebulizer treatments (Which is like medicated oxygen) and an IV of prednisone (A steroid) to open my airways. She said she still wanted me to go to the ER, but I wouldn't because I can't afford that right now.So nothing new other then that, but thought I'd update anyway.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jobs, Shots, and no spankings

So it's been over a week since I last got a spanking. So I'm kinda frustrated about that, but our life has been hectic. My husband just got a new job, and so did I. We are working in the same building but not the same department. I am working in the Casino and he's in the gas station.

In other news. My daughter got her first set of shots today, and she's really grumpy. I can understand that too I was always grumpy after I got shots.

Anyway, that's my life at this point.