Friday, April 29, 2005

Sorry it took me so long to get this done. I had it all completed at one point and then my internet disconnected and when I got back to the page and clicked post it told me I'd been idle too long (or something to that affect)

1. Describe the first spanking your husband gave you. What led to it, did you ask for it or was it the heat of the moment? The first spanking I received was mostly a fun spanking, we were goofing around and I had this chair that I sat in when I was being particularly bratty, and I sat down in it. He sat down on the end of the bed and pulled me in one quick motion across his lap and spanked me a few times.

2. Reading your blog leads me to believe that your hubby doesn’t like punishing you much; how have you worked this out? Has he ever spanked you hard enough? He doesn't like spanking me, punishment he has no problem with. It has worked out okay, I think mostly because we know when we've crossed a line need to take a step back for a while. This has happened on numerous occasions with spanking. I have realized that he was getting uncomfortable with it (especially when we lived with his mom) and I stepped back. He still disciplined me during those times, just not with a spanking. As for him spanking me hard enough.. I don't think he has. His major problem, I think, is that when I start to whimper and beg, he'll stop.

3. What other disciplinary things (other than spanking) does your husband do? What other disciplinary things do you wish he would do? Other than spanking there are alot of things, since I am not working I have to work at home for a little extra spending cash and if I don't get something done when I'm supposed to he will take away a certain amount of spending money I get (mostly casino money). He will use corner time, writting essays, one thing that also works well is when I'm being bratty (not in the playful way) he will make me sit down and write down what I am thinking and how I am feeling. Not so much anymore, but early in our relationship I had a problem opening up to him, so I would hint around what I wanted, or how I felt, and this was his way to find out what I was thinking. As for other disciplinary things I wish he'd do. Wow.. that's a tough one. My husband is way more creative then me, so anything I could possibly think of he's already done:)

4. What is the fantasy (spanking or otherwise) that always gets you hot? Why is it fascinating? Do you actually want to do it? There are a few actually, I had mentioned one on about being bent over a desk and paddled, however this one is more feasable. One fantasy that always gets me hot is thinking about being forced to spank myself as punishment. I am in the diaper position with my husband holding my legs up and counting each swat. Before hand I am given a certain number of swats that I have to deliver, and a number of "do-overs" in case one doesn't meet his expectations. For example I will be told to deliver 20 swats with 5 do overs... meaning I have 5 times that I can say "that one didn't count" but anything after 5 he adds a certain number of swats with a more severe impliment. I think this is fascinating to me because it's kinda original (I haven't seen anything like it online anywhere) but it's also out of the norm. I would actually like to try it.

5. Why do you think that spanking works for you? Such good questions there are.. thank you Kasey. Why spanking works for me? I think that alot of the times I am spanked it's for acting childish, ie:tantrums, lying. A spanking is such a submissive thing when you are to be punished (I mean actually pulling down your pants and getting over your husbands knee, or over the bed.. whatever), and during that submissive state I feel childish. It's also a trust issue, I don't think there has ever been a spanking that I have received that I wasn't thinking "God, he must really trust me in order to do this for me" But it's also that emotional renewal so to speak; That when this is over all will be better again. It's knowing that you have crossed the line and this is what is going to happen when you cross the line again. Now that I've gone in 18 different directions with this answer :P.

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